About Me

Chris on a hikeHello. I’m Chris Chowdhury (he/him). I live in rural North Carolina with my spouse, kids, in-laws, and mom. I’m a fairly private person and have severely scaled back my online presence in recent years. I no longer use social media other than some light Redditing and popping into a few favorite Discord servers every now and then.

I’m intrigued and (at the same time) deeply skeptical about many things digital. I like to think about technology and our relationship to it. There’s this broken thing about my brain where I keep seeing patterns in digital spaces that seem to mirror patterns in analog (human) spaces. I might write about that sometime.

This Blog

Yes, I’ve decided to try blogging again. I believe it’s an important time to work out what it means to be an internet citizen and, for me, that means publishing from my own website. I’ll share things I’m reading/consuming, retrospectives on my wild theories about Web 2.0, comment on culture and politics (sparingly), and try to give new things a chance even though I’m becoming a man who yells at clouds a bit more each day.

Don’t worry! It won’t all be jargon and XKCD comics. I’m also going to talk about my new favorite Star War.

Come back to this Now page for updates in the future. Welcome, friends!