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    HypChain is distributed across humanity’s collective unconscious. It’s everywhere, and nowhere. It’s inside of you right now.

  • Right *Now*


    In the style of Derek Sivers, I’ve constructed a very basic Now page.

    I’ll try to keep it up to date as now becomes then. (◔_◔)

  • Once more, with feeling


    Even though it’s late 2022, I’m going to try blogging again. This was once my primary way to tell people on the internet my most unsolicited thoughts. That was the golden-age of blogging for me and much of the world from 2002-2009.

    Sometime in 2007, I began to send text messages to 40404 that read something like “Headed to lunch!” much too frequently. Eventually, Instagram was on the scene and it was photos of lunch along with pensive selfies set with the Amaro filter. The inevitability of Facebook meant I was never going enjoy the internet again.

    Then, with some inspiration, I got off social media altogether. This was my first digital detox. It only lasted a few weeks before I was pulled back in again. The FOMO was strong. But, things were never the same.

    On Twitter, I languished as a bring-my-own-joke reply-guy and doom-scrolled through the Ferguson unrest, the 2016 election, Summer of 2020, and the part of the COVID pandemic when people still took COVID seriously.

    Inspired again, I left the room once more. And this time, I’ve not looked back.

    Podcasts have been a mainstay in my life since you needed an iPod to hear one so I’ve not been completely offline. And, while I’ve still found little pockets of digital culture here and there to enjoy, I have missed saying something.

    Even though blogging has been in decline and despite best efforts to lock what remains of it in a curated walled garden, I still believe it’s a powerful and decentralized way to be a person on the internet again.

    Let’s see if this sticks.